On Camera Services

Kathleena with Octavia Spencer

There are a couple of reasons I love being part of a team of professionals creating images on a photo set.

I love the collaboration process of working together to create the “right” look and vision for the photograph or video project. It can be exhilarating when all the elements of photography, lighting, wardrobe, hairstyling and makeup come together as the ready talent steps out onto the set to shine.

First and always, I love to help people feel beautiful and confident as they prepare for the camera… “Beautiful” can be everything from glam, natural, men’s grooming, or even character makeup depending on the project. It’s all part of the preparation process. Preparation happens in the makeup room!

As a preparation expert, it is also, part of my job to bring a mindful, grounded presence along with my technical skill and creativity to the makeup room. Being sensitive to the inner preparation of talent while attending to the outer presentation is so important in creating a calming space.

Beautiful, clean hair and makeup completed quickly and effectively with the care and attention that helps talent feel and deliver their best. That’s what I love to do!

Some of My Clients on Camera