Bridal Testimonial

Bridal Testimonial

Dream Wedding on Santorini

Robyn Stecher
Robyn Stecher Executive Vice President, Don Buchwald & Associates Talent Representation

August 8, 2011

Dear Kathleena,

I am sitting here looking at my wedding photos and it’s hard to believe we were really in Santorini two months ago and that we were really married there. In each and every one of these shots there is something so magical and special. My dream wedding is already hard to describe in words, but the pictures will tell the story long after I can’t anymore…

As you know Jim and I began our love story long ago and our journey was not without its challenges, but I was determined no matter what, having found the man of my dreams, to create the dream wedding that would honor our union.

While this trip was a big undertaking, it never occurred to me that all the pieces wouldn’t fall perfectly into place. The planning of a cruise and a destination wedding is not hard for a “planner,” but I could not have “planned” the grace, comfort, attention and talent you brought to that part of my wedding day—the part I could not have done alone.

Being a bride, even for a confident, “self-actualized” woman was a very special, yet vulnerable and scary role… one I would visit and re visit during the months of planning of this once in a lifetime experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the universe) that you were in my life and available to accompany us on this amazing trip.

I think I was more nervous about my hair, than I was finding the right dress… and yet, after our first consultation, I was completely at ease. Your suggestions about how I could wear my hair and which adornments to use were perfect… You helped me find each and every comb, headband, hair pin. You designed a gorgeous hairstyle that was both complimentary and very “me”… and captured the exact “look” I had hoped we would achieve. You made sure I was well rested, and gave me tips on how to take care of myself days ahead of time, so that my make up would look optimal. On the morning of my wedding you took such good care of me, I was not anxious at all, and knowing you were there the whole time, made me feel sure that no matter what, I would not have to worry about how I looked—ALL DAY. When I walked through the ship to leave for the Island, I could not have felt more peaceful and beautiful!

At the end of day, you were still right there by my side, making sure everything looked just right.

I send you my heartfelt gratitude for your professionalism, your thoughtful creativity, your steady hand and calming wisdom, you were so much more than my make up and hair designer: you were my ally, my guide and my beauty-angel…

Thank you for being you and the ways in which you made a day I will cherish my whole life even more special. I can’t imagine having done it without you!

With deep gratitude,