Positive Self-Image Coaching

“Oh God, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.” –Macrina Wiederhehr

Are you ready to tap into your true radiance and feel more self-confidence than you ever imagined? To live from a centered place of joy and self-compassion?

As an image consultant who has worked for over 25 years in the fashion, advertising and film industries I have found that impeccable styling can be effective and even transformational – initially. But limiting beliefs, negative body image & self-talk, stress and anxiety have an enormous impact on self-image. My experience has shown that real, lasting transformation occurs when we cultivate acceptance, patience and kindness in the relationship we have with ourselves. But how do you do that if you have a strong inner critic? Or painful past or present experiences around your appearance?

Tapping Conscious Beauty™ Coaching is a unique approach that combines both inner and outer techniques to help you shine your TRUE beauty. Learning the skill of strategic makeup application empowers you to enhance your outer beauty and have more fun expressing it. Releasing old, limiting beliefs while opening to new possibilities for satisfaction and fulfillment creates a powerful inner shift.

As a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and self-image coach, I offer clients energy shifting tools to deeply nourish the inner beauty of self-compassion, confidence, inner peace and much more.

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping is a stress relief tool that frees us from the baggage of negative past experiences that keep us from living fully in the present. EFT works by tapping on particular acupressure points on the body while focusing the mind and using words to release emotions stored in the body and mind. The foundation of EFT rests in the theory that if there is free flow of energy in the meridian system, there will be a sense of well-being. Stress from big or small upsets in our lives, trauma and limiting beliefs about ourselves can block that flow causing pain and issues at all levels of our being.

EFT can help you:

  • Clear ‘stuck energy’ of old, painful memories
  • Transform limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Free yourself from fears and phobias
  • Release patterns at the root of addictive habits

Inner Peace Nourishes Outer Beauty

Glamour and beauty are often confused in our culture. Beauty is so much more than the color of lipstick you wear or the perfect haircut for your features. Certainly, playing with the elements of adornment can be a fun and empowering way to express our unique selves. When we use EFT tapping to clear and release negative, limiting beliefs of old stories, we tap into our True Beauty or what I call Conscious Beauty.

I believe that Beauty is the Truth of who we are waiting to be reclaimed and nothing nourishes the radiance of outer beauty like inner peace and well-being.


“My Tapping Conscious Beauty™ experience with Kathleena Gorga has been utterly profound. I’ve explored lots of different healing modalities and Kathleena’s Conscious Beauty approach combined with EFT tapping has been one of the most transformative. Her incredible perceptiveness and skill allowed me to feel safe and seen. Working with her empowered me to feel more beauty, peace and freedom within myself than I knew was possible. I highly recommend Kathleena to anyone who is interested in looking and feeling more of their beauty inside and out.”

–Karen M., Author, Speaker, Coach

“Kathleena Gorga is a gift. The safety I felt in her unusually loving and compassionate presence allowed me to be vulnerable with her. Inspired by her wisdom and kindness, this openness, in turn, allowed for healing. I am deeply grateful for Kathleena’s generosity and dedication. If you feel drawn to her and/or the Tapping Conscious Beauty™ work that she does, I strongly recommend that you be good to yourself by heeding and following that inclination.”

–Lynn.G., Ph.D.

“Kathleena brings artistry, skill, and clear insights to her teaching. Her sensitivity to the beauty within each of us and her expertise in accentuating outer beauty are the heart of her lessons. Her seminar was very enlightening and I came away feeling empowered to look my best. Working with her was a gift.”

–Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization

I am not a counselor, therapist, or psychotherapist. I do not treat or diagnose mental or physical conditions. You should always consult your doctor first on any health issue.
For more information about Tapping Conscious Beauty™ Coaching: Contact Kathleena at kg@consciousbeauty.com. New programs will be launching in December 2014.