Beauty Coaching

Shakti Gawain Author of Creative Visualization
Kathleena brings artistry, skill, and clear insights to her teaching. Her sensitivity to the beauty within each of us and her expertise in accentuating outer beauty are the heart of her lessons. Her seminar was very enlightening and I came away feeling empowered to look my best. Working with her was a gift.”

The Embracing Deep Beauty™ Session is not just a “makeup lesson.”  It is a celebration of the beauty that already is you. Rather than approaching your beauty from “makeover mentality,” the heart of the session begins with setting intention to honor your True Beauty, inside and out.

Create the opportunity for shifts to occur from within by receiving the Deep Beauty Embrace, an inner exploration tool used to examine attitudes, beliefs and behaviors surrounding beauty, appearance and self care.

Nurture the deep inner beauty of self-esteem and confidence while learning the skill of accentuating your outer beauty expression with strategic makeup application.

In your One-on-One Session Kathleena will collaborate with you to:

  • Learn the Daily Beauty Embrace to stimulate your inner beauty experience each day.
  • Access your goals and desires for an outer beauty expression that fits your personality, lifestyle, and budget. Unlike salespeople behind a makeup counter, her compensation is not based on sales commissions.
  • Design a customized palette of colors for your features.
  • Enhance the windows of your soul by learning the skill of accentuating the beauty of your eyes.
  • Learn the technique of using appropriate cosmetic tools & brushes that make application fast and simple while creating a professional finish.
  • Empower yourself to look your best.
  • Not waste money on products that you won’t use or don’t need.
  • Celebrate your beauty and have fun doing it!

Fee: $300