Moebius Syndrome Conference 2006

Posted by on Jul 30, 2006 in Events

2006 Moebius Syndrome Conference

kathleenanatalie.jpgIt was a pleasure and a privilege for me to offer a presentation at the 2006 Moebius Syndrome Conference  about “Embracing Our Deep Beauty”. The first part dealt with nurturing an inner beauty experience daily and the second part demonstrated outer beauty enhancement and transformation with the help of Kryolan Cosmetics.

I was asked to speak on the difference between Beauty and Glamour and how we confuse the two in our culture. In my speaking presentation I shared stories from my personal experience battling the inner challenges of low self esteem, eating disorders and a poor self image during a destructive period of my young adult life; my experience working in the “heart of glamour” as a makeup artist and hairstylist in the fashion industry; and finally, how dance and movement allowed me to see that our true beauty comes from being authentically present and connected in our bodies and with ourselves.  We are all such unique creations, each of us, with abilities as well as disabilities.

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As a group, we practiced The Beauty Embrace by simply setting an intention to love and accept all aspects of ourselves without condition. We set an intention to honor our unique gifts and talents and to affirm our willingness to hold ourselves with more compassion and respect.

The outer beauty enhancement half of our day was a lot of fun and a touch of glamour, actually, was kind of healing…

bracelets.jpgParticipants enjoyed making “positive affirmation” bead bracelets at the bead table and the spirit of creativity was definitely in the air!

The best part of the day for me was making new friends. Natalie, Emma, Melanie, Sunshine and all the others (please forgive me for not remembering everyone’s name) thank you so much for sharing your beauty with me and allowing me share the outer beauty magic that I love to do.