I Feel Beautiful When….

Posted by on Aug 20, 2010 in Spirit

I feel beautiful when I am speaking French. I love the taste and feel of the vowels and consonants in my mouth.  The sensation and the tone of my voice as it moves  forward into the mask of my face. For whatever reason the words conjure memories of delicious treats in my beloved Paris munching madelines or macaroons , picnics with my pals in the Tuillerie Gardens, sharing with a lover a hazelnut Nutella crepe  from a street vendor in Montmartre.

I swear to God, speaking French words actually tastes different for me than speaking English. and Italian is a whole different flavor as well.  Even though my French is really a kind of “Franglais” where I speak a few sentences in perfect French and then throw in a word or two of English because my mental computer can’t access the proper French words. It’s really a mishmosh of two thirds French and one third English and sometimes the proportions vary depending if I am on a role or not. A glass of crisp, cold Sancerre wine helps but is not necessary at all. It actually doesn’t matter that what comes out of my mouth does not come out perfectly and that I am not completely fluent. I will  be some day…It doesn’t matter that it’s not  perfect because it is the feeling or experience that feels so good connecting and communicating in this  beautiful, sexy  language. I think what happens for me is that those sounds and the feeling of making them taps directly into my passion. And when I tap into my passion I feel the power of being the woman that I am. I also feel more of the  artist who I am past, present and future. And when I tap into that part of me, I am ageless. I am potent. I feel feminine, strong  and more alive all at the same time.

What makes you FEEL beautiful???????


  1. I have to admit that speaking French makes me want to sneeze from inhaling the consonants, but Italian, now–there’s a language!

    I am one of the lucky people who feels beautiful most times I look in a mirror (partly thanks to you), but I feel sexy when I’m successful in business and earning money.

  2. I feel beautiful and sexy when I am dancing. Especially when I am at one with the music-spirit inhabits my body and guides my movements and expressions. I am at one with spirit, experiencing ecstasy and joy.

  3. I feel beautiful when I make what I perceive to be beauty. When I make a beautiful garden, or even a drawing of a conceptualized garden. I suppose what it is is that I feel beautiful when I feel capable, when I get the taste of being in my “zone”. It comes when I work in gardens, even doing maintenance and making some aspect of the garden better.
    I am also so blessed to feel beautiful when I see myself reflected in glass (not always, but often). I am so grateful that I feel that I become more beautiful as I age, as I acquire more grey hair and yes, even the lines in my face I hold as a testament to my beauty-the beauty of my ever expanding story of my life in this body.

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