Posted by on Oct 2, 2007 in Events

masksnaked.jpgKathleena facilitated a special workshop for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction at a residential detox facility called Chrysalis in Oakland, CA. The purpose of the workshop was to help participants to explore and nurture a healthier, more loving relationship with their bodies and to foster more self esteem.

Utilizing a combination of modalities that included movement, theater exercises, music, & singing, Kathleena crafted a program that culminated in a mask ceremony, “Removing The Mask of Addiction.” With the support of other participants, each woman experienced her face being cast with plaster strips during a guided meditation to create a personal “shadow mask.”

The sensation of the hardening strips of plaster on the face provided a powerful metaphor for the suffocating effects of substance addiction. Subsequently, the masks were painted and adorned creating an alchemic opportunity for the captured shadow soul fragments to be transformed into beautiful pieces of art.

alchemy.jpg stories.jpg maskspainted.jpg