Back In Paris After Visiting Toulon in The south of France

Posted by on Nov 7, 2009

Well, I am back in Paris and not a moment too soon. The best part about Toulon was being at Amma’s program there. But it was HUGE…Thousands of people. Amma made the front page of the newspaper there as there were more than 20,000 people who came to receive Her Divine hug (darshan).

  Toulon 235 Toulon 237

“Amma, reunited with the love of Toulon…”  & “ In the arms of a woman… a mental and a spiritual experience”

Anyway, my husband and I actually spent most of our time helping our our spiritual community at the ayurvedic table selling essential oils, flower essences and other wonderful products sold by Amma’s bookstore. I was actually considered a big help because I could speak some French. So I had a lot of practice which I really enjoyed!!

After the end of the 3 day program, Dan & I checked out of our hotel and were very happy to so because the manager was …let’s just say not the most hospitable host… wouldn’t let us leave our bags to spend the day touring in Toulon.

So there we were with all our baggage walking to the main square with 5 hours to kill before our train. We found this wonderful restaurant unbelievably called “The Oasis”…and it truly was. The gentleman owner, Michel,  was so warm and delightful. He and his wife sent over two glasses of champagne with our lunch and I had an extensive conversation with him (in French, of course) about Toulon, politics in the US..etc. He offered to hold our bags in the restaurant so we could walk freely around Toulon, which we did. They were fabulously warm and hospitable. So we made some new friends there.

 Toulon 197 Toulon 195

We found a photographic exhibition that was from a photographer named Jean-Loup Sief from the 60’s & 70’s that was quite interesting.Toulon 205 Toulon 206

And I met a delightful painter, Monique Le Chapelain,  who was dressed in a beautiful Spanish dancer’s dress in her gallery.  I just had to speak to her and I really loved her colorful style of painting as well as her personal style. I did end up buying one of her drawings…Couldn’t help supporting a fellow artist.

Toulon 212 Toulon 210 Toulon 211


Some photos of Toulon

Toulon 226 Toulon 200Toulon 199  Toulon 202 Toulon 213 Toulon 215 Toulon 223 Toulon 224 Toulon 202Toulon 204 Toulon 203 

More photos of Paris

Toulon 074 Toulon 075 Toulon 039 Toulon 049 Toulon 050 Toulon 061 Toulon 046Montmartre Street scenes

 Toulon 184Toulon 174

Place de Concorde at night and the Seine

Toulon 170

The Champs Elysee at dusk

Toulon 150 Toulon 157 Toulon 147

The work of an artist who goes by JR who puts photos in public places of the eyes of oppressed women from third world.

Toulon 164 My dear friend, Jean-Francois (standing outside of the Louvre)who is working with the Paris Opera Ballet on a production that opens tonight. He used to dance with POB, then became the ballet master at the Geneva Ballet where he lives in Switzerland. This was a special project he was hired to come and stage a piece by Paul McGregor, an American choreographer called “Millepied”- . SO I am getting to go to the opening tonight  at the Paris Opera and to the post party afterwards.  Ooo la la!!!

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